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Projects Realised

Unmute Power Abuse began its work during the second half of the year 2022.

The following projects have already been completed

Conference: “Moral harassment at work,
attacks on the mind"
by Magdalena MIDA (director of  Mobbing asbl)


This conference, which was held in neimënster on November 27, 2023,  

 aimed to provide essential information such as the definition and the different forms of moral harassment, by exposing the consequences and providing keys to act and prevent this phenomenon both at the individual and institutional level. 

The goal was to understand the specificity of the work environment in a cultural environment but also to know your rights and know who to turn to to receive adequate help. 

Conference: "The fight against sexual violence and discrimination in the performing arts: presentation of three international reference structures"


This conference, which took place in neimënster on November 11th, 2022 – the first of the platform – presented three international structures created by and for artists to inform, listen, give advice and create awareness: Whistle (DE), Engagement (BE) & SFA (FR). An open and informal discussion with the public after the conference allowed everyone to inquire further about the tools and means developed by these associations and made available to artists and to discuss the importance of the creation of “safe spaces”.

Find the recording of the conference here.

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