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Unmute Power Abuse is a project group whose vocation it is to raise awareness, stimulate discussion and organise projects and workshops related to the topic of power abuse within the Luxembourg performing arts sector (theatre, dance, performance).

Who are we ?

At the request of choreographers from Luxembourg, the TROIS C-L and neimënster have partnered up with the THEATER FEDERATION and ASPRO to initiate transversal collaborations between cultural structures and artists on issues related to different forms of power abuse. 

What do we do ?

The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness, organise events (meetings, debates, workshops, etc.) and to create  links between the various players in the sector as well as to encourage, in the long term, the emergence of “safe spaces” . 

What will you find here?

The platform aims to promote and grow the initiative and offers a variety of contacts, tools and information to support professionals in the sector in developing a collective awareness on issues related to power abuse.


Upcoming Projects

In 2024 Unmute Power Abuse plans to organise awareness workshops to better understanding of the topic and thus apprehend situations related to the abuse of power in the professional environment. 

More information to come



Unmute Power Abuse began its work during the second half of the year 2022.

The following projects have already been completed

Who should I contact in Luxembourg?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of support structures in Luxembourg that you can contact in case you or people around you faces or witness a situation of power abuse. is a site of the Ministry of Equality between women and men. Its objective is to disseminate information on different types of violence and the existing support networks. Whether you are experiencing violence, witnessing or resorting to violence, know that you are not alone. You can break the cycle of violence and ask for help to get out of it. 

Mobbing asbl is the result of a 1998 campaign to prevent moral harassment created in 2001. 


Mobbing asbl is politically neutral and available to all applicants (victims, harassers, employers, etc.) who need help in the area of moral harassment and stress at work.

Umedo is the forensic violence documentation service for adult victims of physical and sexual violence.


The Umedo team, made up of specialist doctors and subject to medical secrecy, is at your disposal for documentation and preservation of traces admissible by the courts. 

Useful links

Many structures are engaged against power abuse at an international level.
Here are the ones we are
 currently in contact with:


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